6.9. - 10.9.2024

Tuněchodský Mlýn (Kladruby u Stříbra), Czech Republic

with guidance of David Štětka


Spring Vision Quest was full of greenery, birdsong, youth, childhood and new beginnings. It brought together a beautiful and strong group of questors and helpers. And this time, they all came for their vision. We are still full of gratitude.

September's Vision Quest carries with it a powerful energy of love, passion, harvest, support for ongoing projects and relationships, and nourishment of self. Just very much in the sign of the South direction and all its qualities. But because of the month of its occurrence, the western side (the direction of forgiveness and letting go) will also be beautifully touched by it. So it carries a very strong healing and healing potential

* * * * * * *

Vision Quest is an ancient ritual that focuses on finding a vision for your own life. It helps Questors to make peace with their current life, sort out their life preferences and find direction and purpose for their next journey.

The questors will spend 3 days and 3 nights without food and drink (with equipment to provide personal warmth and dryness) in the forest, where they will have the opportunity to look deep inside themselves and face their limitations, ideas and fears. In doing so, he/she is given the opportunity to undergo an inner transformation and discover a new self that is able to carry and realize a personal vision.

David Stetka will guide you through Vision Quest in the Lakota tradition, in keeping with the tradition handed down to him by his long-time teacher Jorge Redtailhawk.

David has 12 years of experience in guiding indigenous and healing rituals and continues to educate himself and advance in this area. He received his final initiation to lead Vision Quests from his teacher after many years of training in 2021. He has completed 6 Vision Quests himself in the past as a questor, and many more as a helper.

A Vision Quest is preceded by a long period of inner and practical preparation, writing a letter of intent, meditation and tying prayer tobacco pouches which will then serve as protection for your space in the forest.

Please note: The ritual is not therapy and each participant completes it voluntarily and at their own risk. Any medical or psychological limitations should be discussed with the ritual leader early and in advance if you wish to participate.

Forms of participation

The Vision Quest is attended by questors who spend their time in the forest and also by helpers whose task is to assist with the preparation and maintenance of the background area, to keep the fire in the background throughout the ritual and to provide everything that is needed. The role of the questors is clear, to seek their own vision and direction. The role of the helpers is equally important and very beneficial to the community and the helpers themselves. A community coming together to support questors and spending a few days together in a beautiful place is very enriching and nourishing. Here too one can actually find one's direction and gain an authentic experience of selfless service.

Time and place

The whole event starts on site on Friday, September 6 around 4pm and ends on Tuesday, September 10 in the afternoon. We will be in the beautiful surroundings of Tuněchodský mlýn, where the Úhlavka river flows through and the wild rocks tower above. At the beginning and at the end of the ritual there will be a cleansing ritual Inipi - sweat lodge for all participants.


Contribution for the whole event (includes the work and care of the guide, beautiful accommodation for the helpers for the whole time and 1 night for the questors, food in the facilities and all technical and organizational support)

Questors: 7000 CZK (deposit for binding application 2000 CZK)

Helpers: 4500 CZK (deposit for binding registration 2000 CZK)

Children: 1000-2000 CZK or by agreement based on age

After registration through the form below, we will send all detailed information on how to prepare and pay the deposit to the questors and helpers.

For the next VISION QUEST - SPRING 2025, it is already possible to register


"Going into the forest was one of the most beautiful and intense experiences I have ever had. Every step is healing: from the preparation in the weeks before to the sharing, from the sweat lodges to the time in solitude. In my case it was a sweet and very intense time, deep with precious and unexpected gifts. Lack of food and water are not a problem, it is important to equip oneself so that the stay in the forest is a cosy one, you just have to start with your own thoughts. The support and warmth of the Helpers is extraordinary, one immediately feels at home, welcomed even in the desire to face one's own difficulties.
Can that work?"